How Internet & Mobile Media have Become Two Top Mediums of Advertising?

Published: 24th May 2011
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Competition is everywhere and it also forms a meaningful part and parcel of every business- be it brand or service. Especially for brands, it is important to compete with other brands in order to provide maximum revenue. Competition again enables brands to bully others (however only through a positive approach). As a part of the competition, one cannot adopt unethical means or techniques of creating a richer impact of the brand on customers’ mind. advertisingis the one and only tool for every brand owner to take part in any prevailing competition. Besides, advertising also bridges the gap between customers and brand owners thereby generating awareness amongst customers and later inspiring them to buy or adopt the advertised product. Many are the ways of brand advertising; many are the tactics and techniques. Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising (also known as online advertising - these two have become two emerging methods of promoting brands.

About Mobile & Internet Advertising

Mobile Advertising or Internet Advertising campaigns are categorized under personalized means of communicating the brand message to target customers. Online Advertising such as banner advertising, PPC Advertising, Email Advertising etc. can be very cost-effective solutions to promote a brand or business. Also a direct medium of promotion, online ads provide immediate impact on target groups also influencing their buying behaviour then and there. Various types of online advertising campaigns are implemented by brand owners that give them good exposure for their money. However, if not effectively planned and implemented, one can also lose money very easily through online ads. A thorough knowledge is a must before one adopts and implements this advertising media.

Why Mobile & Internet Ads work effectively?

Internet connects every single individual with the rest of the world. Internet has also emerged as the new-age media of human communication across the world. Also with the emergence of social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, hi5, orkut etc., maximum numbers of people spend quality time on the web world. Crazy but true that the virtual world has somehow become an extended world of every internet-savvy individual. On the other hand, the craze for mobile phones has also tremendously increased in all these years. The introduction of mobile web i.e. facility of surfing internet right through the mobile phone devices is yet another landmark in this communication media. The rages of these two media amongst customers provide brand owners striking opportunities to launch promotion campaigns through these two exclusive media. This is how internet and mobile advertising media have emerged as two top mediums of brand promotion.

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